Thursday, 3 October 2013

Water Decal Wednesday - Yellow and Black

Hi everyone

I really liked this decals when I saw them online.  I got these from a Bulgarian online site called ( )
But I am very disappointed in the quality of these. Continue reading to see my review below.

I used here for the base color my Avon Pro+ in Lemon Sugar. The applied the decals. 

Everything went fine, ok, the decals are very thin, let's be honest, 
but as soon as I put my top coat on, they started melting!!
Especially the ring finger and the pinky.  Actually, the only nail that looks OK,
is the middle finger.

The top coat I used is from a Bulgarian brand called SNB, and it's made to dry super fast.  
It does dry super fast and smells really strong, so that is most likely why.  
I would still not recommend getting these decals, because I've used the same top coat 
on other decals and this didn't happen.  
So bottom line, these decals are really poor quality, don't waste your money.

Have a nice day :)

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