Saturday, 24 August 2013

PrettyBox Subscription - August and Small Drugstore Haul

Hi everyone

I'm so excited, I just got my August Subscription of PrettyBox.  If you want to check out what I got in my July Box, click here

Bioderma products in the box :

Left to right :
1.  Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel for Dry sensitive skin

I've not used this before but it smells great and it's for dry skins, which will make it perfect for me.

2. Photoderm Max

I use the SPF 30 of Photoderma, if you want to see my opinion about this, check out my Day Skin Care post.  (You can just click here )

3.  Sensibio H2O

I also use this product in my night skin care routine,  you can check that out by clicking ( here )

4.  Cotton Round Holder

This will be great for travelling because you know when you pack these cotton rounds in your travel bag just like that, they never make it out alive :)

Shiseido products in this box:

Left to right:

1.  Pureness Moisturizing Cream Gel

That word Gel...  Makes me think I'm not even going to try this.  I can't stand it if my skin is sticky because of creams.  It's so awful.

2.  Pureness Balancing Softner

This I might give a shot, since it's alcohol free it might work for me.

Other random products in the box :

Left to right:

1.  Dr. Scheller Hand Cream

This smells sooooooo bad.  It's going directly to the trash. Not using this!

2.  Madara EcoEyes

I'm currently using an eye cream from Avon, click here to check it out.  But I'll give this one a go as well and let you know what I think.

3.  BM Beauty Bronzer

I really don't like using loose bronzers on my face, so I will mix this in with a body cream to give my skin a bit of a "fake tan"

4.  Davidoff Cool Water

This was a extra free little sample, and hopefully my hubby likes it :)

I also felt the need to try some new products to see if there are maybe something I will love in the drugstore.  So I bought a few things I've never used before.  If any of you have used some of these products before and like them, let me know :)

The products from left to right are :

1.  Essence Polish in no. 109 Off to Miami

I have tried these before and love the brush.  It's really wide and makes application very easy.

2.  Corine de Farme Sea Salts in Vanilla

Since Vanilla is one of my favorite fragrances, I had to get these.  I will add it the water when I do pedicures.

3.  Regular Cotton Rounds

Lately I've been using so many of these, I needed to stock up a bit :)

4.  Essence Nail Polish Remover in Strawberry and Passion Fruit

My hubby is not to crazy about the smell of nail polish removers, so I try to find some that smell a bit better, so what better than Strawberry and Passion Fruit!

5.  Loreal Elseve Reconstructing Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair

My hair is not that damaged, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  I do use heat styling tools like straightners and curling tongs, so I want to protect my hair as much as I can.

6.  Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

I've hear many beauty gurus talking about this mascara but I never tried it.  So I thought I'd give it a go.  I'm not too crazy about rubber wands, but maybe I would like this.

7.  Golden Rose Cat Walk Mascara

This mascara is great for separating the lashes.  I usually use it as a first coat of mascara and then top it with a layer of some other mascara. Works great for me.

If you stuck to reading until the end, thanks a lot for reading

Have a great day!

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