Monday, 12 August 2013

Mix & Match Mondays : Cute black and pink look

Hi everyone

Introducing another series to my blog. Starting today I will be doing Mix and Match Mondays.  I only recently picked up a few colors of the Essence polishes, and I love them!  They are really good quality and the brush is great!!  It's really wide and only takes 2 strokes to cover the whole nail.

Here, the pink color is Essence no. 106 which I used on the thumb, middle and pinky.

The black on the ring finger is Bio Sculpture no. 2017 and the White on the index finger is OPI Funny Bunny.

This is again one of those looks that can easily be replaced with any of your favorite 3 colors, looks interesting and doesn't take so long to do.  Just be careful to let the nails dry for about 10 minutes before you apply a top coat.  You might streak the art if it's not completely dry.

Hope you have fun recreating this.

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