Friday, 9 August 2013

Fruity Friday - Fruit that benefits your skin

Hi everyone

For today's Fruity Friday, I want to incorporate actual fruit.

We all know how many health benefits fruit has when we eat it, but it can also be great if you use it on your skin.  Sometimes I just feel that I need something on my skin that is a natural as possible, and this is a more cost effective way to get all the benefits without leaving a huge whole in your budget.

Here I will give you just a little more information about the super 7 fruit and their benefits to your skin. (Just a disclaimer, do an allergy test 24-48 hours before on your inner wrist just to be sure that you will not get a rash.)

Banana :

Bananas are packed with vitamins but the most important one for your skin here is Vitamin A and E.  It has great anti aging properties.  Mash up 1-2 bananas and apply it for 15 minutes to your skin.


If you struggle with dark spots or sun damage, lemon is the fruit for your skin.  It has astringent properties, so lightens and brightens darker spots on your skin. Squeeze 1 lemon and mix the juice with some honey. (If you do use this, ALWAYS use a SPF after, or you will see no results.  Another great thing about lemons are that they help with blemish control. If you rub the inside of the peel on the blemish, it will have an anti-bacterial effect and help with blemish control.


Everyone knows that oranges are packed with Vitamin C, but not everyone knows that it not only strengthens the immune system, but also aids in anti aging.
Vitamin C strengthens the natural collagen in the skin helping to keep your skin supple. You can mix the juice with some honey and apply it to your skin. Or as with the lemon, rub the inside of the peel to your skin.


Papaya is a great alternative to a granular exfoliant.  If you have a sensitive skin and find that a granular exfoliant is too harsh on your skin, go for papaya.  It contains an enzyme called Papain, which dissolves dead skin.  Mash a papaya and apply it to your face, leave for about 20 minutes. If you don't want to use the actual fruit on your skin, you can replace it with some papaya milk, it's just as good.


Another great alternative to granular exfoliants is using pineapple.  It works on the same principle as the papaya.  Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain, which softens and dissolves dead skin cells. You can either lay pineapple slices on your skin or put it in a food processor and then apply it.  Leave it on for about 20 minutes.

Mango : 

This is one of my favorite fruits. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A which has anti aging properties and also encourages the cells to regenerate faster. Mash it and applied to the skin for about 15 minutes.


Last but not least, apples are loaded with anti oxidants which will help prevent skin damage and strengthen the natural collagen and elastin in your skin to help keep you looking younger for longer. You can either grate it or put it in a blender and apply for 15 minutes.

If you are feeling creative, you can blend all the fruit together and make a fruit smoothie for your skin.  Add some Oatmeal if you want some texture to the mixture as a granular exfoliant.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend :)

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