Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Skin Care Routine - Day Care

Hi everyone

After having skin problems all through my teen year and even until my early 20's, I went through testing sooo many products that never worked for my skin.  It was such a huge waste of money that I finally went to my dermatologist as the last resort. 

I ended up using a high dose of  Isotretinion, more commonly known as Accutane ( Read more about Isotretinoin ) for 6 months, and this changed my skin completely!  This is very strong and dangerous medication and can only be used if prescribed by a doctor. I can totally relate to anyone suffering with acne which is why I'm mentioning this.

After suffering through all the side effects of this medication, my skin completely cleared up and has been completely clear for the past 4 years. (Knock on wood :)

Accutane left my skin very sensitive and dry, which is what lead me to always look for products for sensitive skins. This these are the products I found and love at the moment!

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Clean Face Anti-Acne Washing GelForest Pharmacy Link
This face wash is a gel, but is not drying my skin at all.  It very gently cleanses my skin without leaving me feeling dry after use.  I prefer using a gel because to me it feels like it just clean the skin better, and for me it was so hard to find a gel that didn't leave my skin feeling tight.  I always have a backup or 2 of this...

Clarins Camomile TonerClarins Link
The first thing I check when looking for toners is whether they contain alcohol at all.  If they do, I steer clear of them, the alcohol is just too aggressive for my sensitive skin.   So when I came across this I was hopeful from the start. It contains Camomile and No Alcohol, music to my ears :)
It doesn't sting my skin at all, and really soothes as soon as I apply.  Love this!

Bioderma Photoderm: Bioderma Sunscreen
I only recently started using this, but I already love it.  It doesn't have the typical scent of sunscreen (I don't like that real sunscreen smell) and also doesn't feel like a thick layer of cream on the skin.  It absorbed quickly and doesn't feel oily at all.  This is just a perfect sunscreen and in some cases even replaces my daily moisturizer when I'm in a hurry. Awesome product!

Avon Solutions Youth MiniralsAvon Link
I started using this eye cream about 3 months ago, and so far do notice a very slight improvement in the fine lines under my eyes.  I want to give the cream a little bit more time to "prove itself " I like the texture of the cream, it's not too rich for my me. I'll finish the tube and let you know how it went :)

Avon Solutions Sensitive BotanicalsAvon Link
I started using this cream around the same time as I started the Eye Cream.  It doesn't have an offensive scent at all and absorbs almost immediately.  I can apply the cream, reach for my foundation and the brush or sponge I want to use with it and immediately can start applying the foundation.  It absorbs that quick.  It really is a great cream because even though products sometimes claims that they are suitable for sensitive skins, they still irritate my skin.  This didn't.

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