Sunday, 1 September 2013

Clarins Haul

Hi everyone

You know you have an awesome hubby if this is the kind of gifts he buys you :)  I love Clarins products!!  Now I get to try 5 new products!!

Here is what I got in this travel set :

Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

I like this, I've only tried it twice, but it absorbs nice and quickly.  The scent is that typical of Clarins products.  I really don't know how else to describe the smell :)

Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

It's a good thing this was in the set, because it will definitely encourage me to use hand creams more.  I tend not to apply cream to my hands almost ever.

One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

I tried this last night in the shower and I like it.  This is a good everyday exfoliating wash because the granules in here are small and it doesn't have many.  If you want to see my holy grail exfoliator, just click ( here )

Beauty Flash Balm

I have a full size tube of this and often use it under my foundation.  I really gives your skin an amazing glow.  I use it on those days where you feel that I really didn't get enough sleep, and it instantly makes my skin look healthy and moisturized.  Just one thing about this, you have to apply a generous layer of this before foundation and apply the foundation immediately.  Don't wait for it to try or it will make flakes.

Hydra Quench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

On the bottle it says to apply it morning and evening before your usual skin care.  I would definitely not apply this in the evening because it's very sticky. I will be using this in the fall most likely when it's not so hot anymore.  But I think my skin could use a boost.

Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

This is a very thick cream and has a bit of a chemical scent. It's a good thing my feet is far from my nose :) But I will put it to the test to see how much it really helps for the hard skin and let you guys know.

Clinique Redness Solution

If you read my Skin Care Night Routine Blog, then you would know how much I am in love with this cream, if you haven't, click ( here ) to read more on that.  Love this cream!!!

Hope you all have a lazy Sunday...

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